Any annoying or troublesome thing,  we address as headache!

Have we ever thought why we call it a headache? Only those who have experienced MIGRAIN will be able to tell…how headache can take away all your thinking, working abilities away and make an individual helpless.

Today we will discuss about one more problem which many people suffer from, not knowing what is the end to it and again homoeopathy proves to be a boon.

MIGRAIN! What is it actually? It’s a primary headache disorder where recurrent headaches happen, moderate or severe. Usually they are over one half of the head but may be all over the head area in certain cases.

Usually they are throbbing or pulsating headaches lasting for a few hours to 2 to 3 days. During this period the person suffering has nausea, vomiting, strong sensitivity to light. They cannot tolerate any sound or smell even.

Again, what is the cause behind? It could be due to environmental factors, heredity. Sometimes cause can be hormonal for e. g. adolescence, menopause, menstrual cycles. There are many theories about how it happens! According to some speculations it is neurovascular while some say it is due to hyperexcitability of the brain cortex.so, exact cause and process is not known.

Many of patients who came to me were literally groping as to what gives them this headache. They were confused. It is sometimes exposure to sun or too much cold, it could be too much of sleep or loss of sleep or any food stuff giving an attack of headache.

They tend to take analgesics immediately once they sense the aura before headache as the suffering is intense.

For a long time they keep on taking mild and higher analgesics only to require more and more doses to relieve the migraine temporarily.

Even when actual headache attack disappears patient has mild headache which he feels can get severe any time.

In such a scenario, where underlying cause is not known, why and when individual suffers cannot be made out, reasons for the headache cannot be predicted, HOMOEOPATHY avails a very effective treatment.

Sometimes migraine can be due to depression or emotional disturbances. In these cases too, understanding individual constitution and giving him perfectly suitable homoeopathic medicines definitely helps the patients.

Homoeopathic remedies like bryonia,  belladonna, nat mur, nat carb and many other will hep reducing no. of episodes of migraine, intensity of the pain and will slowly reduce migraine attacks.

I feel, HOMOEOPATHY is the science for today’s era as it considers the subtle factors those are affecting particular individual.

This pathy is really a gift to the human kind and to make perfect use of it, we need to be more holistic!