Any annoying or troublesome thing,  we address as headache!

Have we ever thought why we call it a headache? Only those who have experienced MIGRAIN will be able to tell…how headache can take away all your thinking, working abilities away and make an individual helpless.

Today we will discuss about one more problem which many people suffer from, not knowing what is the end to it and again homoeopathy proves to be a boon.

MIGRAIN! What is it actually? It’s a primary headache disorder where recurrent headaches happen, moderate or severe. Usually they are over one half of the head but may be all over the head area in certain cases.

Usually they are throbbing or pulsating headaches lasting for a few hours to 2 to 3 days. During this period the person suffering has nausea, vomiting, strong sensitivity to light. They cannot tolerate any sound or smell even.

Again, what is the cause behind? It could be due to environmental factors, heredity. Sometimes cause can be hormonal for e. g. adolescence, menopause, menstrual cycles. There are many theories about how it happens! According to some speculations it is neurovascular while some say it is due to hyperexcitability of the brain cortex.so, exact cause and process is not known.

Many of patients who came to me were literally groping as to what gives them this headache. They were confused. It is sometimes exposure to sun or too much cold, it could be too much of sleep or loss of sleep or any food stuff giving an attack of headache.

They tend to take analgesics immediately once they sense the aura before headache as the suffering is intense.

For a long time they keep on taking mild and higher analgesics only to require more and more doses to relieve the migraine temporarily.

Even when actual headache attack disappears patient has mild headache which he feels can get severe any time.

In such a scenario, where underlying cause is not known, why and when individual suffers cannot be made out, reasons for the headache cannot be predicted, HOMOEOPATHY avails a very effective treatment.

Sometimes migraine can be due to depression or emotional disturbances. In these cases too, understanding individual constitution and giving him perfectly suitable homoeopathic medicines definitely helps the patients.

Homoeopathic remedies like bryonia,  belladonna, nat mur, nat carb and many other will hep reducing no. of episodes of migraine, intensity of the pain and will slowly reduce migraine attacks.

I feel, HOMOEOPATHY is the science for today’s era as it considers the subtle factors those are affecting particular individual.

This pathy is really a gift to the human kind and to make perfect use of it, we need to be more holistic!


Again, a disorder with unknown cause where homoeopathy works ..

It is the disease of the internal ear where individuals have a severe spinning, vertigo along with tinnitus (ringing in ears), gradual hearing loss, blocked feeling in the ear. Along with this vertigo patient has severe attacks of nausea, vomiting, sweating due to affection of autonomous nervous system.

These episodes typically last for 20 minutes to even 12 hrs over the time, there is gradual permanent hearing loss and permanent tinnitus settled in the ear.

The individuals suffering from Meniere’s disease, really get shaken with such sudden attacks. Even if vertigo attack passes, these people feel an imbalance, lose their confidence, can not drive a vehicle, have to search for the support while walking.

It deteriorates the quality of life..

The cause again remains obscure! The theories predicting constriction of the blood vessel in the internal ear, autoimmune responses affecting vestibular region, viral infections affecting vestibulocochlear region are there but the exact cause is unknown .

All these symptoms are due to increase in the internal ear fluid pressure ..
So diuretics, anxiolytics, anti vertigo medicines are given.. yet the relief is only for a while..

Again, though not fatal, this disorder degrades the life quality & confidence of an individual, not only to work and drive, but to walk even .. People are so much so distressed, they really feel weary of life..

Again homoeopathy proves to be a boon in such a condition which individual has accepted as incurable! In such a helpless condition of the patient, accurately chosen homoeopathic remedies if given, frequency of vertigo episodes can get reduced. Slowly intensity of vertigo with vomiting and tinnitus gets diluted. In due course interval between the episodes is lengthened and person starts getting his confidence back!

I have really experienced this amazing improvement in patients suffering from Meniere’s Disease. I really feel blessed to be a follower of such a medical discipline which not only relieves the sufferings but makes a man happy giving a good life quality full of confidence.

So, never think that there is no way. There is always a way if you earnestly seek for it!!


One more clinical disorder which renders individual annoyed with intense pain, helpless ..its a facial pain ..excruciating , electric shock like , in paroxysms .. known as TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA or  FACIAL NEURALGIA

Trigeminal nerve which provides sensation to the face ,  also responsible for motor activities like chewing , biting , talking , smiling , laughing , gets affected in this disorder !

Again , why this happens!? Cause remains obscured ..

There are many theories, that the nerve irritation happens due to pressure of the adjacent vein or artery , defect in myelin sheath, trauma ..

None of these helping in the process of recovery ..

Trigeminal nerve has 3 branches .. one supplies to the eyes and above the eyes, the other one to the cheeks and upper jaw .. the lower branch to the lower jaw.

There are sudden attacks of  electric shock like pains which  involve one or more than one , the above mentioned areas .. when the person talks, eats, brushes the teeth, laughs …

The pain is so excruciating, that the person develops dread of that pain and  starts avoiding necessary activities like eating, brushing teeth etc ..

Keeps on taking oxytol , Tegretol, gabapentin like anticonvulsant medicine yet can not get free from fear of pain and attacks of pain ..

The whole scenario pushes him into despair … thinking that there is no  end to this suffering ..

HOMOEOPATHY again comes here to give this person a new life .. which is WITHOUT PAIN!

You will be surprised, but for such a painful complex disorder , which involves nerve irritation , HOMOEOPATHY proves to be THE  RESORT .

There are some homoeopathic remedies which have a specific action on the trigeminal nerve, mentioned in classical literature and prove to be effective in  homoeopathic practice also..

These medicines if taken regularly , reduce the sensitivity of the nerve .. the pain attacks become milder, infrequent ..and later on the pain actually disappears ..

Of course, this is a nerve disorder, so , there are some chances  that pain comes back .. yet it is milder. The homoeopathic  treatment neds to be taken for 8 to 12 months . yet you start experiencing improvement with in 1 to 2 months .

Its really amazing and fulfilling to see when patient who had come in despair due to pain, GIVES A PAINLESS SMILE when he visits the clinic!


A very common complaint now a days ..of recurrent allergic colds ..

Individuals suffering from this problem, have continuous sneezing attacks of 10, 15 .. some times 20 sneezes!  As soon as they get up in the morning, the sneezing attack starts ..along with profuse watery discharge from nose .. have to use handkerchief, one after the other! Not only this, they may have severe itching , redness of eyes .. weepy eyes . in some individuals there is breathless asthamatic feeling too!

 In certain fortunate  cases this occurs  only in specific seasons ..esp winters and rainy seasons while in severe cases it occurs throughout the year ..

Why this happens!?

It is the hypersensitive tendancy in certain individuals , when they are exposed to pollens , dust , any specific food , pollution .. the histamin in their blood rises and the raised histamin levels produce all these annoying symptoms …

For these complaints .. allergy test is done .. and then individual even gets more sensitized mentally to know that these are allergens for him .. even if he avoids those allergens , his allergic cold does not disappear ..

So , he keeps on taking anti histaminics  ..slowly the dose goes on increasing and  the allergic rhinitis still does not budge!!!

There individuals feel socially embarrassed , annoyed as they can not concentrate on their work .. slowly this allergic cold  starts settling permanently and becomes chronic cold …

HOMOEOPATHY has many medicines specifically acting in allegic conditions, like allium cepa, Arundo, wythia  and many others ..which, when taken,  will reduce the intensity, frequency of the allergic cold . not only this, they will reduce the hypersensitivity towards allergens and will prevent from  getting a chronic cold permanently settled …

Of course, as it is a deep rooted tendancy , you need to take the treatment for 4 to 6 months …

But I am sure, homoeopathic medicines have the magical effect of transforming annoyed sneezing face into a  happily smiling face!


Hi Friends,

Being a practicing homoeopath for last 20 yrs, could  experience MAGICAL recoveries and cures  with homoeopathic remedies …

Especially in conditions  where the cause  was unknown! That means science had limitations to explain why this condition happened!?

So, conventional treatments failed there to relieve the individual permanently ..

I am going to talk to you regarding such clinical conditions where the conventional medicine shows its limitations to cure and the individual keeps on suffering  helplessly ..

Well, these are not life threatening diseases. Yet,  they deteriorate the individual’s life quality, drag him to despair, thinking that there is no end to his sufferings…

And in these conditions, homoeopathy wonderfully helps …

Infact,  I would say that these are the KEY AREAS of  homoeopathy, for that is the LIGHT OF HOPE and you will never be disappointed ..

  Homoeopathy can treat such conditions even if the cause of the disorder is not known as  IT TREATS THE HUMAN BEING AND NOT THE DISEASE!

These key conditions are

ALLERGIC RHINITIS,  SINUSITIS AND CHRONIC COLD, TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA, MIGRAIN ,MENIERES DISEASE, GERD –(gastroesophageal reflux disease), SCIATICA (disk herniation , cervical spondylosis) COCCYGODYNIA (tail bone pain), DUB ( dysfunctional uterine bleeding ),  HYPOTHYROIDISM,  so on …

So , come and experience the MAGIC  of this ENERGY MEDICINE …

After all, man has created all these medical  disciplines  for the betterment of the mankind ..Why not to be HOLISTIC and experience BEYOND what is seen!!!