Again, a disorder with unknown cause where homoeopathy works ..

It is the disease of the internal ear where individuals have a severe spinning, vertigo along with tinnitus (ringing in ears), gradual hearing loss, blocked feeling in the ear. Along with this vertigo patient has severe attacks of nausea, vomiting, sweating due to affection of autonomous nervous system.

These episodes typically last for 20 minutes to even 12 hrs over the time, there is gradual permanent hearing loss and permanent tinnitus settled in the ear.

The individuals suffering from Meniere’s disease, really get shaken with such sudden attacks. Even if vertigo attack passes, these people feel an imbalance, lose their confidence, can not drive a vehicle, have to search for the support while walking.

It deteriorates the quality of life..

The cause again remains obscure! The theories predicting constriction of the blood vessel in the internal ear, autoimmune responses affecting vestibular region, viral infections affecting vestibulocochlear region are there but the exact cause is unknown .

All these symptoms are due to increase in the internal ear fluid pressure ..
So diuretics, anxiolytics, anti vertigo medicines are given.. yet the relief is only for a while..

Again, though not fatal, this disorder degrades the life quality & confidence of an individual, not only to work and drive, but to walk even .. People are so much so distressed, they really feel weary of life..

Again homoeopathy proves to be a boon in such a condition which individual has accepted as incurable! In such a helpless condition of the patient, accurately chosen homoeopathic remedies if given, frequency of vertigo episodes can get reduced. Slowly intensity of vertigo with vomiting and tinnitus gets diluted. In due course interval between the episodes is lengthened and person starts getting his confidence back!

I have really experienced this amazing improvement in patients suffering from Meniere’s Disease. I really feel blessed to be a follower of such a medical discipline which not only relieves the sufferings but makes a man happy giving a good life quality full of confidence.

So, never think that there is no way. There is always a way if you earnestly seek for it!!

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