If recurrent acute colds or allergic colds, not treated properly, or supressed, settle as chronic colds.

We all use term.. sinusitis! what is it!? Sinuses are air filled spaces ..   above eyes, below the eyes (over the cheeks ), between the eyes and behind the eyes . These are internally lined up by a thin membrane called mucus membrane  which continues in the nasal passages also . As these sinuses are connected with the nasal passages, due to continuous collection of the  nasal mucus , this membrane gets swollen and inflamed .. this is sinusitis! This gives constant heaviness of the head , feverishness , blocked feeling in the ear ..due to eustatian tube blockage , greenish scabs and sticky discharge which one has to blow to take it out , constant post nasal drip ..

In all this scenario , now this individual starts feeling sick with heavy head , blocked nose .. can not concentrate on work .. cant perform at the work. keeps on doing antibiotic courses one after the other ..

HOMOEOPATHY has  a definite answer for this problem . kali bich , merc sol , hydrastis , kali iod , pulsatilla , silicea and so many others.

These medicines will help  in making the stagnated discharges flow , reduce the inflammation  of the mucus membranes , reducing the intensity and frequency of the sinusitis and cold attacks ..

It is the skill of the homoeopath to understand an individual and  design a suitable remedy for him which will heal him permanently !

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